How much is a destination wedding planner in Italy and when are they worth the cost?

How much is a destination wedding planner in Italy and when are they worth the cost?

It may come as no surprise that destination weddings require more coordination than local weddings. Paying close attention to detail is critical because not only are you planning an event from afar, you are also likely to be hosting multiple events over the course of the wedding weekend, not just the ceremony and reception. The good news is, destination wedding planners can help you with just that.
If you are planning a destination wedding in Italy, you may be considering hiring a wedding planner. Wedding planners are an added expense but they can be worth it in the long run. They can make things run more smoothly and efficiently. They can also save you a lot of stress and emotional turmoil.
If you are still not sure if a wedding planner is right for you, read on to find out exactly what a planner does so you can determine if their services are worth the expense.
A wedding planner’s costs will vary depending on what type of wedding you are having, the services included in your package and the number of guests invited.

The cost of a destination wedding planner will vary based on the planning services provided, the wedding location, and the number of guests. If you are hiring a professional wedding planner to execute your wedding day plans, you should expect to spend €2800-€4500+. Often, it does include the amount of additional labor or travel expenses that may be required to execute the wedding day or your other pre-wedding activities.
If you find a cheaper wedding planner probably she has not the same expertise of a premium wedding planner.

That may seem like a lot, but when you think about everything that is included in that amount, it might just be worth it.


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